The club's executive director Adnan Al Ali said that the coronation of the team with the handball Asian championship title for the champions League clubs reflectes the speical level the team appeared with during its participation , and Al Ali said in a statement to the club’s official website :" I dedicate this achievement to His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad, the club’s president, and Mr.Khalifa Khamis the vice president of the club and the Administrative, technical staffs and the players, and this coronation came as a result of hard work done by everyone in order to provide the ideal atmosphere so that the team appear with distinguished level and achieve the championship after it succeeded in achieving victory in all its matches "

Al Ali said: " This coronation will put everyone in front of a responsibility to achieve the perfect appearance in the Super Globe Championship, and thank God the team is progressing well and succeeded in achieving its third Asian title "