The player Toby Alderweireld returned the team’s loss against of Al Wakrah to the spaces that the Al Wakrah players found due to the players rise to attack and leaving the spaces , the player said in the press conference that was held this evening in the club’s press conference hall: " We started the season well and won the previous matches, but we lost In the previous match and now we have a chance to return to achieve good results again and we will do our best to won over Al Shamal ".

Toby said: " We risked a lot in the previous match in order to score goals, and this created the spaces for Al Wakrah team to move and we wanted to score and left the spaces, and  Al Wakrah players took advantage of them and succeeded in scoring , we saw the match and we saw the mistakes we did and the league is still long and now we are facing a new match that we will work on to win "

Toby continued by : "The team is ready to face Al Shamal despite the tight schedule, but our players are professionals and know how to make their bodies ready, and the coach will determine who are the ready players, and I believe that winning the next match will have a positive impact and a great morale support" .

The player concluded by : " After 6 matches , I adapted a lot to the way the team performed, and the best thing is to adapt to the weather, which is very important, and football in Qatar is like any other region in the world, and I am happy that I adapted to Qatari customs and traditions" .