Coach Luis Castro stressed on his trust in the team’s players abilities to achieve victory in the team’s upcoming match against Al Sailiya team which the coach described with the strong and ordinated , and the coach said in the press conference that was held today at 5:30pm in the press conference hall in the club : “ Al Sailiya is a strong team that succeeded in achieving titles in the last season , and we are ready to face it and face all the teams . And I trust in the abilities of the players to achieve the desired results “ .

Castro said : “ When the team is in an attack status , it attacks with more than five players , and this affect on the defense performance , so you can see the team receiving goals , but in return we always succeed in scoring in our competitor in the match , and we can also receive goals from the corner balls , but I am satisfied with the performance of the players in the last three matches , although we are missing a number of them “ .

Coach continued by : “I wish the team continue to achieve positive results like what happened in the previous matches , and we also correct the mistakes that appeared in the matches , and I think we are going well after I said these mistakes clearly “ .

And about not reaching a fixed lineup , Luis said  :” We will reach the final lineup after the ranks are completed as there are injuries and suspensions , but now we have to face the challenges and work on preparing the players who are currently available to us “ .

And about the absences in the team , the coach said : “ A large number of players will be absent due to injuries , but this will not prevent us from entering the stadium to achieve victory against Al Sailiya , and everyone is working hard which is required to achieve positive results “ 

Castro concluded by : “ I congratulate the Qatari referees for the great work they are doing and I also thank the fans for their presence in the stadiums and providing the moral support to the players which is very good “ .