Al Duhail team continued its victories in the QNB Stars League , and was able to achieve its third victory against Al Gharafa by 3-1 in the match that was held today at 4:45pm on Khalifa International stadium in the third round of the league .

In the 29th minute the player Al Moez Ali scored the first goal from a penalty , by which the first half ended .

In the second half , Al Duhail continued controlling the match , and in the 54th minute the striker Abdel Rahman Mohamed scored the team’s second goal .

In the 59th minute Al Gharafa was able to decrease the difference by the striker Ahmed Alaa who was able to score Al Gharafa’s goal from a penalty .

In the 67th minute Al Duhail was able to score the third goal by the player Abdel Rahman Mohamed , and the match ended with the victory of Al Duhail by 3-1 .

Match Report : 

Time : Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Stadium : Khalifa International stadium 

Event : Match In the third round of the QNB Stars League 

Teams : Al Duhail - Al Gharafa

First half : 1-0 Al Duhail 

Match Result : 3-1 Al Duhail 

Goals : Al Moez Ali (28) , Abdel Rahman Mohamed ( 54,67) , Ahmed Alaa ( 59 Al Gharafa )

Warnings : none

Expulsion : none

Team List : Salah Zakaria , Mohamed Al Nuaimy ( Mohamed Moussa ) , Toby Alderweild , Bassam Al Rai , Ismail Mohamed , Luiz Martin ( Assem Madibo ) , Karim Boudiaf , Ferjani Sassi ( Khaled Mohamed ) , Abdel Rahman Mohamed ( Mohamed Alaa ) , Abdullah Al Ahrak , Al Moez Ali .

Alternatives : Mohamed Al Bakry , Shehab Al Lithy , Mohamed Moussa , Mohamed Alaa , Youssef Ayman , Khaled Mohamed Saleh , Assem Madibo .