Coach sabri Lamouchi returned the loss of the team this evening against Al Sadd to the technical and physical level of Al Sadd players , and he said in th press conference :" Al Sadd was better inside the stadium and we began the match with a good plan and we were able to score and failed in scoring the second goal , and in the second half we did a nomber of small mistakes that Al Sadd team used and succeeded in achieving victory against us "

Coach said : " We are not happy after our second loss against Al Sadd which made me admit that Al Sadd is the best , and in fact there is no room for comparison between the two teams , and i am with the team since three weeks and unfortunately we did not work enough and we did not change the players and today we are far from the level and today we are far from the level that i seek to reach with the team "

Lamouchi said :" There were some positives in the match specially in the first half , and we were the best and we made many opportunities and succeeded in scoring and we were able to score twice and we had to read the match and its conditions well and with a team like Al Sadd you must score and keep it away from the match's atmosphere otherwise , it will come back and put pressure on you "