Our team's midfielder Luiz Martin asserted that the contract with a new coach for the team gives the players teh motivation to present better performance inside the stadium , and Martin said in the press conference about the match against Al Sadd : " We are waiting a big match against Al Sadd and it is a big team and have a strong list , and we love to play in these matches and we will face Al Sadd team which has great abilities but the chances will be equal and we will have 18 players who have the ability to enter the main list , and our motivation is that we will play this match infront of a new coach and all the players will present their best performance "

Martin said : " Al Sadd succeeded in achieving victory against us many times and during all these matches we were presenting the required effort but we did not achieve victory and they deserved the victcory because they were better , but circumstances were not in our favour as there were changing in the coaching staff and also alot of players , but now stability is clear to us , and there is also our player Dudu who begin to adapt with the team and i think he will begin presenting the required perfroamance from him , and we will seek to achieve victory because we will face after that Al Rayyan team , which will give us the motivation to appear well and achieve satisfying result for us "