The team's coach Hatem Al Moddeb asserted that Al Duhail is ready for its match against Qatar team , and the coach said in the press conference that was held today at 4:45pm :" The team prepared well and our focus during the stop period was on the physical side , and we also focused on the young players , and now we regained the efforts of the international players after their return from Qatar national team camp and they are a good addition to us before the confrontation against Qatar club "

Al Moddeb said : " Al Duhail is the champion league and this start is anacceptable as Al Duhail lost in a match and won in a match and now it is in the 6th place , and the team have to return to achieving voictories to keep the title , and Qatar match is very important to us , and the team will enter it very focused and everyone will see the real performance of Al Duhail team beginning from this match "

Hatem continued by : " In the Ooredoo cup we gave the opportunity to a nomber from the young players and they presented good performance and we do not look at the results as must as we look at the physical and technincal performance which they succeeded in , and were able to appear in a good way "

The coach concluded by : " The team is ready for this match and we have no absences excpet Bassam Al Rawi and Assem Madibo , and we regained the efforts of Edmilson and Mohamed Muntari "