Al Duhail team player Ali Afif asserted that his team always have the ambition to win championships and titles and that it will play to win in Saturday's match against Al Sadd in Sheikh Jassim Cup .

Afif said in the press conference about the match : " Al Duhail players always have the ambition to win the matches and the championships , and so it is a very important match for us that we seek to achieve victory in it because it will give us a morale support to present more in the season "

Afif added : " The loss against Al Sadd in the Asian championship is not the end , and will not affect on the desire of the players in achieving victories and coronations , as the loss of a match does not mean that we are a bad team "

Afif said : " We learn from our mistakes as we have young players who always have good levels and we have big ambition to present a good season and we will work on that "

And about his shining in Al Sadd and Al Duhail matches , he said : " We are 11 players in the stadium who complete each other and i follow the coach instructions , and i wish everyone will present a good level in Al Sadd confrontation and you will see that we forgot the Asian match and we will appear in a good way in the upcoming match "