Al Duhail first team delegation travelled this morning at 8pm to the Austrian capital Vienna , for a closed camp from 1st to 15th August ,

Al Duhail team lost its friendly match against Al Shamal by 1-0 , in the confrontation that gathered both teams today at 7 pm on the auxiliary stadium in a match that was played on three halves each half was 20 minutes .

The friendly match that our first team played this evening against Al Shahaniya ended with the negative draw , in an experience in which the technical staff tried to give all the players the opportunity to test their technical and physical abilities .

Al Duhail team regained the efforts of his former South Korean player Nam Tae Hee , who has rejoined the team's ranks .

Al Duhail club's management extended its thanks and appreciation to the team's former Iranian player Ali Karimi ,after the player participated with the team during the last period and succeeded in presenting special levels and the club's management wishes success to the player in his upcoming professional journey .