The head of the age group sector Mr/Salem Al Marri held a press conference in the club


The head of the age group sector Mr/Salem Al Marri held a press conference in the club and with the attendence of the journalists of the four main journals , where he discussed the journey of the age group and the its achievements till now .

Mr/ Salem Al Marri asserted in the beginning that the age group sector and since its establishment put a strategy that is different from the other age groups .

In the beginning he said that we are doing a big , and the first team is currently including 70% of its players from the age group , and for the last season we did not expect it to be the best , but thank God it was the best as our age groups played 15 championships , where Al Duhail was crowned with the first place in 8 championships and the second place in 4 championships .

And about the problems in this season he said : " They are a lost and specially the finanacial problems and Al Duhail problems were the biggest , but we insisted on the effort and we depend on the development and we have big ambitions "

Al Marri said : " We have 50% of our players who were participating in the national teams and 50% who were participating in Aspire , and the nationsl team who will participate in the youth world cup most of it is from Al Duhail players , like Youssef Ayman , Ahmed Sebaie , Nasser Al Yazidi , Waled Mansour , Mohamed Al Nuaimy , Shehab Mamdouh , Ahmed Al Mnhaly , and also the olympic national team who includes 12 players from Al Duhail , they are Khaled Mounir m Bassam Al Rawi , Hazem Shehata , Abdullah Al Ahrak ,Abdullah Al Bakry , Abdel Rahman Fahmy .

He cotinued by : If We do not work hard we will not continue achieving good results and the insistence to develop ourselves and be the best in the upcoming season "

Al Marri asserted that : " The team's championships are the biggest attraction for the young players and our special players and all our players are in the national teams specially Al Moez and Madibo .

And about the problems , he said that there are a lot of problems but in general everyone is cooperating with the age group device and the main problem is the support of the minister to the age group which is very simple , we support the clubs despite the championships, and what special Al Duhail is the hard work from everyone "

And about the appeal on the club , we recieve from 40 to 50 players everyday to join the club .

We seek the presence of a sponsor of the age groups in the club and we open the way for all national companies and Al Duhail is a great name and adds to everyone who wants to participate with it , is a club of achievements, whether the first team or the age groups.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Al-Marri gave special thanks to the development department of the Football Association, Aspire.